Change access URL


Currently, i’m accessing cyberpanel using IP address. Is it possible change to subdomain so easy to access? Does cyberpanel have complete guide? Please advise.


Hello there!

You can find instructions here 2 - CyberPanel on SSL - CyberPanel

In menu you can find it here

yes follow the @Maestro101 link but please consider the cloudflare point if you use cloudflare

  1. Create or add a subdomain as a webiste in cyberpanel
  2. Issue hostname ssl while issue hostname ssl please select the subdomain that you added as a website (keep in mind if you are using cloudflare disable proxy)
  3. Access you site like subdomain . com:8090
    for more checked these links
    Access Cyberpanel Via Hostname with SSL- Issue SSL for Hostname - Solved Doc
    2 - CyberPanel on SSL - CyberPanel
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