Centos8 Rainloop

I have tried installing CP on different VPS’s with Centos8 but each time when I create an email address then go to ‘access webmail’, I get authentication error (as if the password is wrong). It works fine on Cento7 but I would rather use 8 but need to create email addresses?

I have the same problem, I made an e-mail inbox but I can’t log in to it.

Let’s say your domain is example.com

Make sure you have created SSL for both example.com and mail.example.com. Seems like if it’s not encrypted, you can’t login correctly to rainloop.

You could try to restart postfix : sudo service postfix restart.

If you can go to rainloop admin: Make sure in security → SSL is uncheck for require verification of SSL certificate.

I have the same problem before but that above solved my problem to login.

Ok this resolve problem https://cyberpanel.net/docs/2-ssl-for-postfix-dovecot/