Centos ( AlmaLinux ) or Ubuntu

hey all
because centos 7 upgrade to AlmaLinux is a nightmare so i need to recreate everything
this is the moment to deside if i switch to Ubuntu or stay on almalinux

now the big question
as it are 2 differend systems , 2 differend goals and it are just 2 differend things is the question on what platform it works the most stable

the biggest error i got is that the system stops responding because of Postkit … probably centos 7 related but it still provide a lot of trouble
and then ofcourse the upgrade provide a lot of trouble

based on that ubuntu seems more nice to that end as it allows easy upgrade from inside the system with out using any hacks or tricky tricks

but then what about stability and vurnability and modules ? are they more supported then on centos ?
or is centos still the way to go ?

as you can see , lot of questions between 2 differend operating systems
if any one know more about it , please let me know

Greetings from PowerChaos

just finished a install on AlmaLinux and cyberpanel is NOT designed to work on that platform
it still pulls in repo’s that contains “failbacksupport” when it is not even a function anymore from centos 8

it also still use YUM when it is fully replaced by DNF

so i guess if i keep using this way then it will break again … so only ubuntu is the way to go at this moment

Greetings from PowerChaos

Go with ubuntu seem to be better supported

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