I am facing difficulties with ssl renewal and when I tried different solution I lost my website. Now nothing is showing up there,
can you guys please help me.

website is bpmc.agency

Happy New Year @Bhanup

See this Failed to obtain SSL, issuing self-signed SSL for: mydomain - #2 by josephgodwinke if it helps

but how to get my website back

Is this a fresh installation ? Which server os ?

no it is not fresh installation. it is centos 7

DNS seems to be the issue. I see you re managing your DNS with cyberpanel. Did you check if on GoDaddy if bpmc.agency dns records resolves to your server ip

Run cyberpanel upgrade and reboot your server.

I upgraded cyberpanel yesterday

what command I should use to reboot the server

sudo reboot

it says remote side unexpectedly closed network

Well this usually a vague error from putty but most of the time its caused by a server which is not online. Do you have access to your server manager? Restart your server from there

I tried, but still not getting it back

I tried to add additional ssl on the website but later I deleted it, I think this caused the problem

I tried additional ssl, because default ssl not working from some days and I tried everything. but still problem not solved.

and just because ssl is not working my campaign failed because all of the emails gone in spam, just because of not having ssl cerfitified link

Contact your server provider to confirm that your server is up

This issue is fixed now