"cat: /home/cyberpanel/: No such file or directory" unable to install magento

I am running cyberpanel openlitespeed v2.1 build 1. I have created website and leave SSH, DKIM, & other two settings unchecked.
After successfully creating website, I go to list website—>Click on Manage—>choose Magento app for installation. Then I filled the required form. As soon as I hit enter progress bar stuck and I get error “cat: /home/cyberpanel/: No such file or directory”
I have tried installaing magento this way many times and I get the same error every time.
My VM include 4GB RAM, 2vCPU.
Please guide how I can resolve this issue

I’m facing the same issue. I created a child domain and then tried to install the Magento package. Results in the error cat: /home/cyberpanel/7497: No such file or directory

Same here.Has anyone found a solution yet?

I’ve disabled Magento installer for now, will let you guys know when it is back.