Can't validate SSL Certificate - Either it is self-signed (which will cause browser warnings) or it is invalid

Hello everybody.

I just bought ssl and added it to Cyberpanel

But my site ( can’t validate SSL Certificate when share on Facebook

Can’t validate SSL Certificate. Either it is self-signed (which will cause browser warnings) or it is invalid.

Please help me!

Thank you.

Contact certificate issuer support maybe they give new one. I can see certificate is installed correctly but have some problem.

Certificate issuer support not broblem.

I install Zerossl or Sectigo SSL → same issue

Temporary solution i overwrite 2 files with ssl certificate i just bought


fullchain.pem can get in this url:

Make sure you paste it without spaces in the code.

Try to restart server once changes done.

Sure, without spaces.

Try to restart server once changes done.=> i always do that

IF you have test server, try there too.

After pasting the ssl codes and saving it and then restarting the server, just check the fullchain.pem and privkey pem file using any notepad to check its content and see if it matches the code you pasted.

If not, then I guess something is going wrong with permissions level I believe.

Just let me know your results so that we can find out the reason for your issue.

I ran into this on several other servers using Cyberpanel. Same issue when i added ZeroSSL (Free)

I think this is a bug and admin should look into it to fix it

I use Cyberpanel for more than 2 years, recently under Cyberpanel with less updates, less user support.

I’m looking for some alternatives, maybe Fastpanel or Aapanel

If it is a bug you believe, you can post all the necessary details and findings here

The developers will look into it with the provided details and fix it if its indeed a bug.

And regarding your claim of less updates, then you are wrong… if you check github branch the latest commit was done 4 days back itself. Its regularly updated. You need to run upgrade command to have all the latest updated files.

Okay, thank you @die2mrw007

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