Cant renew free license

When I log in to cyberpanel I get this:


It looks like your license has expired. Kindly renew your license.

When I click “refresh license” it says it refreshed it, but after reloading the page it says the same warning message.

I am on the free plan.

What should I do?


Turns out it was because ping didnt work due to no nameservers in the resolv.conf file. I added Googles and now it works.

You mean Openlitespeed / litespeed enterprise ?
i little confused about your 1st post and 2nd post

when you install the cyberpanel or upgrade ?

yes, sometimes nameserver is set different and that is not reaching the required site that causes issues.

sorry oot
but what we talking here ?
OLS / enterprise expired license or resolv.conf ?
if nameserver, why he mention about license ?

i very lost here