Cant open the sub folder


I just install cyberpanel using tutorial on the docs, everything work fine, then I open file manager and create sub folder, everything work fine, but when I try to access the subfolder via domaindotcom/test/ its not work, its said

Not Found
The resource requested could not be found on this server!

Anyone can help?

thank you


It says 404 because your new folder does not have an index file, you can either create index.html or index.php to get rid of this error.

Or set up some application in this folder.

@usmannasir thank you for the reply, is it possible to show the “index of” when no index.html on it?

First, you need to enable Webadmin access [Tutorial] How to setup and login to OpenLiteSpeed webadmin console - Blog Posts - CyberPanel Community

Then enable auto index