Can't install docker in AlmaLinux 9.0 with cyberpane 2.3.5

OS version: AlmaLinux 9.0
Cyberpanel version:

Current Version:2.3
Current Commit:10b66df48e3f8c202ce1f111acf9f96a4a3c6eaf
Latest Version:2.3
Latest Build:5
Latest Commit:10b66df48e3f8c202ce1f111acf9f96a4a3c6eaf

  1. I clicked the button “Install Docker”, after the installation done and refreshed the page. It still showed me the button “Install Docker” as image 01.

  2. Then I clicked the button “Install Docker” again. It showed me “Nothing to do” as image 02.

  3. I checked the “Services Status” from “Manage Services”, and the docker never can start even showed me “Action Completed” as image 03.

  4. I also checked the folder “” on server. There is no file docker.service or container.service as image 04.

So please help to check how can I install docker successfull in cyberpanel with AlmaLinuxe 9.0. Thank you very much.

Anyone can help to resolve this issue?

I’m having the same issue. I haven’t fully checked it out but in Almalinux 9, the package is podman-docker and not docker.
podman-docker is also headless and does not use a socket file… However: Even after I created a service which makes a socket file, Cyberpanel still does not recognize docker.

It has been fixed in the latest update.