Can't get a padlock after installing SSL

I’ve installed a plain vanilla instance of WordPress, added SSL to it, but cannot get the padlock to show up in browsers. indicates I’m not getting one because “You have an invalid or missing intermediate (bundle) certificate.” I’ve been able to successfully do this in the past, so what’s gone wrong here and how do I fix it?

Make sure you are not using cloudflare proxy on your domain. If so, just disable orange cloud proxy and then try to issue the ssl again.

@die2mrw007 Thanks for the help on this, but I’m not using Cloudflare at all. All of the DNS is being handled by the domain’s registrar with nothing “in between.”

Strangely, I’ve done nothing since posting this request for help, yet I’m now getting a padlock on the website with all browsers! However, still reports the same error message.

This is the second time I’ve had to create this website on this server. The first time, whynopadlock reported no errors but I had problems with restoring a good backup and had to resort to completely eliminating the website from CyberPanel and going through the entire process again. Perhaps this has affected this.

Can you suggest any next steps?

Restoring website will restore the old ssl files too depending on the restore operations. Dont depend on whynolockpad site always… You can use multiple sites to check ssl of your website and see if everything is in order.