Can't create site directory that contains the word sudo

I have a website and in the middle of it there is the word “sudo” when I create it, it simply does not create it because it contains the word sudo in the middle of the name ex:

need help

every site that contains the word sudo in the middle or at the beginning it does not create the directory

Welcome @pessoalalan Happy you are here

Does this occur when Creating Website or when trying to create a folder in File Manager ?

when creating the site it does not create the directories and when trying to create a folder or file nothing happens.

Can you try create using ssh terminal

$ mkdir /home/

I tried but I didn’t succeed

What is the error on ssh terminal ?

Wrong. This

has no space after public_html. Kindly copy paste the command as you see it minus the dollar sign $


mkdir /home/

Does this website exists ? Where is the document root ?

What are you trying to do ? Isnt your issue creating a folder called “sudo” under /home/ simply run

mkdir /home/

and nothing else

it seems to be an update problem, because everyone who has the word sudo it doesn’t let it show in the manange file. it’s like there’s a blacklist blocking

There is nothing wrong with the update I just created files names “sudo” on Ubuntu 20 and AlmaLinux 8.4. Which os is this ?

Ubuntu 18.04 64bit minimal,

when any other name is created it works normally. when I create blogsudoeste it does not accept it. creates it but when I go to my file manager it doesn’t list the public_html folders and the others.
and when I go to the vHost Conf file it appears like this:
cat: /usr/local/lsws/conf/vhosts/ No such file or directory