Can't create database after I delete on cyberpanel

Can’t re-create a deleted database:

Nothing appears…

Error on the log: (1007, "Can't create database '<database_name>'; database exists")[createDatabase]
<database_name> = name of database deleted.
After that on SSL at the MySQL console: the database is still there:

It is definitely a bug.

Hello @villasweb

Using admin panel go to phpmyadmin and look for database cyberpanel under it is a table websiteFunctions_websites also check for a table called domains see if your website is listed there. Delete any entries of your deleted domain

@josephgodwinke I’m not deleting a DOMAIN. The problem is with databases deleted.

I’m not going to delete a domain or a website ok?

I apologize for the confusion. It seems there might be a misunderstanding regarding the deletion process. Please clarify, by checking databases_databases table in cyberpanel database. If you still see the database there please post photo here.