Cant access server with my SSH keys suddenly, but can log into CyberPanel still

All of a sudden I cannot access my server. I had turned off RootLogin and PasswordAuthentication and was only using SSH Keys to login. But they aren’t working now, for seemingly no reason at all.

But I can log in to CyberPanel still. If I add new ssh keys, it doesnt help either. My websites are still accessible too.

What could this be? Any suggestions?

Try access console from hosting account and change keys or enable password login

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Thanks! Yeah, I’m trying now. They have a VNC console but it isn’t working either… I dont think I can enable password login without having access though.

Worst case, I have a server backup from a few days ago that I can try restoring…

I’ve gained access again. Turns out you can’t paste into the host’s VNC console - I had to type the pw manually.

I’ve reset each system user’s password manually, cleared out all the /.ssh/authorized keys files. I’ll try adding keys back in now and see what happens.

Very bizarre… I really have no idea what happened/changed…

Seems to be working again. Really strange. Thanks for the help @Dreamer!

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