Can't access CyberPanel after fresh install

I’ve made a fresh CyberPanel install selecting OpenLiteSpedd on a Ubuntu 20 local box that runs Gnome desktop. The installation seemed to be going ok but I didn’t see the final screen with the confirmation of settings. Ubuntu restarted and the Gnome desktop was empty. Should the install work with Gnome installed?

I find that the Firefox browser will nolonger find url’s, a ping to an IP will work but not to a hostname. OLS admin panel will load via https//:7080 but not CP on 8090, and the service lscpd is not found. So it looks like I have some DNS issues and that the CyberPanel install didn’t complete.

The nameserver is set to in /etc/resolv.conf, in /usr/lib/systemd/resolv.conf, in /etc/resolv.conf_bak, in /run/NetworkManager/resolv.conf, but in /etc/resolv.cong-tmp the following exists:
which matches the wifi DNS settings.

The following command results in the message “resolvconf is not installed”

sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf

Maybe I need to re-install resolvconf as described here.

Any ideas on how to fix without a re-install please?