Can't Access Cyberpanel After Fresh Install on my Ionos Vps hosting

I get this error

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

After a fresh install of Cyberpanel in an Ionos VPS hosting.

I am a fresher in VPS and a novice to Linux. My Operating system is ubuntu 22.04

Welcome @Xdigit Happy New Year

Looks like an overall internet connection failure. Have you tested on a different device or VPN or different ISP ?

What you can do:

  1. clear browser cache
  2. flush your dns cache
  3. deactiviate your firewall or antivirus

I think it should be firewall. Please how can I deactivate it. Better still how can I add the port 8090 to exception


systemctl disable --now firewalld.service 
systemctl stop firewalld.service

either disable or stop the service

ok. please how do i enable the firewall again just incase i need it back up and running

I have fixed the problem, I just added a firewall policy and set it to allow all connections from port 8090 on TCP (the default cyberpanel port) and that was it. Thanks


systemctl enable firewalld 
systemctl start firewalld.service

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