Cannot send emails but can receive emails

Hello my friends,

First of all, I would like to share some of the problems I noticed;
Some server companies make ubuntu minimal installation and this skips dovecot installations. It took a long time to notice the problem, as cyber panel did not report it at the end of the process when it was installed :sweat_smile:

the other problem is that ubuntu firewall needs to be disabled after installing cyberpanel. I have shared the codes below for clean installs;

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt install update-inetd
sudo apt-get install curl nano update-inetd -y
sudo apt-get install dovecot-core dovecot-mysql dovecot-pop3d dovecot-imapd
sh <(curl || wget -O -
systemctl stop firewalld && systemctl disable firewalld

we have managed to get the email server up and running and they are able to send us emails. But we can’t send email :rofl:
I hope we can solve this.

Ramadhan Mubarak @hadsizefendi

Did you follow these tutorials?

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Most likely your VPS provider block port 25 most providers do that to prevent spam. You need to request them open it.