Cannot recreate web site

I deleted an existing website and tried to Install Wordpress + LS Cache on the same domain
and got this
Entered a simple password without any of those unacceptable charactersas, and it still won’t install, but gives me the same message.

Is there a problem trying to recreate a blank wordpress site on the same domain?

Current Version : 2.3
Build : 1
Current Commit : d3256678becae4aa4ecebb5f3efe6cf087df3904

Have you checked if the website’s DNS register still exist? If so, try to delete it and recreate.

Yes the DNS still exists. I deleted the zone and recreated it, even though the DNS is managed by Cloudflare.

Got the same error message on Install Wordpress +LSCache.
The rest of the sites work, so could this be a caching problem where it is still seeing the old site even though it is is deleted.

This is what the browser sees, so a website definitely does not exist at the url.

For now I put a URL redirect to another domain, so that solves the problem for now.

How about looking into this horrible bug? Whether it is a DNS flushing, caching issue or rules or whatever, we should be able to create a web site with the same domain after waiting 24+ hours.

The only member to reply said :

To which I have deleted the DNS and recreated it.

I have used 1234567 password for the Wordpress site, so that is not any of those not permitted characters, but it still gives this error.


Could you supply wich data you’re using to input? When we have more information, we can do better

Thanks for your reply.

After looking at that error page…

I did not realize the “not allowed iin the input” did not just relate to the the password field, as it is a typical error you see trying to use invalid characters in a password.

The Create Website interface in Cyberpanel does will not allow us to use any othe not permitted characters in any filed on the form. I had an apostrophe in the ‘Site Title’.

After creating the website, I went to the Wordpress dashboard, and changed the Site Title in the Settings.

So this is my own solution. Sorry to cause confusion. I will mark it :white_check_mark: solved as I 'm sure even as veteran WP users, it caught me, so new users may find this helpful.

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