Cannot log into Webmail

Hello, the cyberpanel webmail does not log in, when entering the username and password it pretends to enter but it does not enter and does not give any error.
The operating system is Ubuntu 22.04. the cyberpanel version is the latest. the facility is clean.

Welcome @pyriel Happy New Year

Kindly post the contents of https://SERVER_URL:8090/serverlogs/emaillogs just the last 50 lines

Hello, happy new year, thanks for answering, I deleted the installation before seeing your answer, but I am installing again, when I finish, if the problem persists, I will publish the file.

Hello, I did a new clean installation and now everything is working fine, I don’t really know what I did wrong the first time, but if the server had been full of sites the story would be different, thanks for responding, see you next time.