Cannot issue SSL

I am unable to issue a proper SSL certificate for the mail subdomain of my main domain.

  1. I do have a correct DNS record that points to the ip address of the server.

  2. I go to /manageSSL/sslForMailServer, choose the main domain and click “Issue SSL”.

  3. After some time, I get the response “SSL Issued, your mail server now uses Lets Encrypt!”

  4. When I check the certificate at SSL Checker, I get “The certificate is self-signed.” from organization Dis.

Despite numerous attempts to address this problem, taking many hours, there seems to be no solution.

The easiest fix would be to allow users to just paste in their own certificates and keys for the mail subdomain, as can be done with the main domain. I don’t know why this is such an intractable problem for CyberPanel. Users have been reporting these problems for years, but there is still no solution.