Cannot issue SSL for mail server

Like the title says, I am unable to issue SSLs for my mailserver, which obviously keeps me from logging into my mails in external applications like thunderbird or outlook. I am also unable to send any.

This is the error I recieve when trying to issue a certificate for the mailserver:

[01.05.2022_22-37-59] Trying to obtain SSL for: domain . com
[01.05.2022_22-38-01] Successfully obtained SSL for: domain . com
[01.05.2022_22-38-01] {‘’: (550, b’5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table’)}

Any suggestions?I tried fixing this the entire day without success.

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have you tried issuing ssl for your mail domain such as mail.yourdomain.tld ?

I get this when I try to do that. The SSL works fine for the domain itself though but for the Emails it wont do it.

[01.06.2022_18-54-04] Failed to obtain SSL, issuing self-signed SSL for: mail.domain .com
[01.06.2022_18-54-04] {‘’: (554, b’5.7.1 <email@mail.domain .com>: Relay access denied’)}
[01.06.2022_18-54-04] Websites matching query does not exist. [installSSLForDomain:72]
[01.06.2022_18-54-04] Self signed SSL issued for mail.domain .com

Make sure you have A record for mail subdomain and it points to your server ip without proxy. Then only letsencrypt will be able to issue ssl for your mail domain.

Hey I am getting the same error. The DNS records are correct, I double checked, they have propogated, are not behind a proxy… but still facing the same error when trying to Issue Certificate. It issues a self signed certificate instead.

I’m having the exact same problem. Any update that may be helpful?

Same here, customers are complaining they can’t sent emails. Everything worked fine the first few months, but a certificate refresh is not working apparently.

Websites matching query does not exist. [installSSLForDomain:72]

(and because everything was working fine, I will assume DNS was and is set up correctly. This is a CP error, not a letsencrypt error)