Cannot import cv2

this is my python codes

import sys

import cv2

and this is my php codes:

<?php $command = escapeshellcmd("python /home/"); $output = exec($command); echo $output; ?>

the result are nothing, and i cannot see the error in the cyberpanel error log
the result should be an output in website
when i comment the import cv2 in .py, the program runs smoothly
but the point is i want to import cv2
and the package has been installed succesfully like in the picture

i am using the latest version CyberPanel
Centos 7 OS
Python 3.9.1

Happy New Year @christianp

You should probably improve your question.

As for opencv you would probably need the cpu based opencv packages try it and revert back here. Also try manual build of these opencv packages if an import fails in your code.