Cannot change passward with rainloop

I’ve created a few emails’ accounts with cyberpanel but when I log in I cannot change the pawssard. So I cannot give the email account to other colleagues since they want to change the psw but cannot do it.
Is there a new release of rainloop that allows the psw change?

You can change email passwords inside admin access login of cyberpanel
Under Email option on left menu of cyberpanel, click on “List Emails” option.
Select the relevant domain of the email address and then you will see option “change password” for respective emails.

If you need to provide your clients the ability to change the password themselves, then you will need to add rainloop plugin for this:

thanks for the info.
Yes, I’ve to provide my colleagues with the possibility to change the password themselves.
I’ve the standard cyberpanel configuration installed on my server but I don’t know exactly where and how to install this plugin.
Could you be so kind to help me?
I thank you in advance.
Best regards,

The link which I sent you above has the instructions to install it. Its quite simple, just download the plugin and place the plugin folder in the path specified and then login to rainloop admin panel and activate this plugin under plugins option.

but the path mentioned in the link is an example:
Place the change-password-cyberpanel folder in the plugins directory (e.g. RainLoopDir/data/data_xxxxx/_default/plugins/*).

I cannot find this path on my server.
Do I need to create this past as specified above?
Sorry but as you can understand I’m really inexperienced.

Sorry, this is the path: /usr/local/lscp/cyberpanel/rainloop/data/data/default/plugins/

Thank you very much, it works perfectly.

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