Cannot access CyberPanel

Getting 503 Service Unavailable when accessing Admin Area:

But the sites hosted in my server is running whats happening please help me fix this :<<

same issue is here…

My cyberpanel is not opening
but website on it is running also wordpress admin panel is opening.

I have searched command line for this but not any command line has provided for this issue…

kindly help…

i dont know
what you did

cyberpanel will installed first
then other site
how you can add site if you dont have cyberpanel yet ?


It’s cyberpanel…

Now, I have deleted instance permanently.

Thanks to community

It seems firewall issue on the port. You will need to enable port 8090 in your hosting server to access the same.

Can you please try out the
systemctl restart lscpd
for the next time

we still need run this command ?

Majorly when websites are working and cyberpanel not opening then it can be related to blocked firewall port. In such cases what I generally do and advice is to disable firewall for timebeing to check if that gives access to cyberpanel… If so, then its something related to firewall either at your server or at the hosting provider side.