Can we have ClamAV & MailScanner in CyberPanel

Hello CyberPanel dev team,

I appreciate your hard work for building such a great panel. I would like to thank whole team behind CyberPanel.

I know that there is imunify360 in CyberPanel but It only works with cloudlinux os. imunify360 & cloudlinux has its own pricing which is quite expensive for someone like me. I hope many people using CyberPanel will agree on this.

Is it possible to have MailScanner and ClamAV antivirus in CyberPanel dashboard?

Thank you very much in advance.

@CyberPanel @usmannasir

If there is ever a ClamAV installation in CyberPanel then I think that it should be off by default and an option to enable.

ClamAV has a tendency to just much up massive amounts of memory.

ok. I am not sure how MailScanner and ClamAV work together. This is important. You guys know this better.

Actually I was asking CalmAv as a feature to scan files, directories on-demand and on schedule basis. I do not have much experience in using any of these so I am not sure about the resource consumption.

I am not sure how exactly ClamAV can be integrated with Cyberpanel. But if we can have that we can run it to scan files on-demand & schedule to run it when we have a low load in our server. If someone does not wish to run CalmAv they can simply disable it. How do this sound?

Examples: We have ClamAV to scan files in Directadmin. Fast Panel has AI-BOLIT .

This is just my personal opinion. I will definitely welcome judgements and opinions from amazing peoples/devs behind CP.

Running as on demand scanner is fine, but if ClamAV is running as a daemon uses a lot of RAM.

If you take a look at the forums of mail server software like modoboa or iredmail then you will find a lot of discussions about the amount of memory ClamAV is using.

Sounds cool Henna. No Hurry, I understand completely. I am personally happy if there is a plan to add ClamAV in future updates.

@S4_Hosting I agree with you too. An on-demand scan is more than enough. We do not need CalmAV to run as a daemon.

Or, this also could be the option. Keep ClamAV as option/plugin or build-in functionality. Let user, install/activate from CP dashboard & let the user choose if they wish to use ClamAV as a daemon or just on-demand scan.

Guys do you agree?

Yeah they do have a point on larger multi-user servers with tons of files having it as a daemon can increase load but that is something the admin of that server should configure as needed. As its an optional thing it shouldn’t break things out of the box.

Having a way to easily configure and renice it though might not be a bad idea so if loads high it renices and cpulimits the process.

@whattheserver said:

Having a way to easily configure and renice it though might not be a bad idea so if loads high it renices and cpulimits the process.

Sounds like an excellent idea :slight_smile:

Any news on incorporating ClamAV or MailScanner?