Can send emails but cannot receive emails

Dear Cyberpanel Team ,
i have been installed Spamassassin and after that i can not recive any email but i can send , i uninstalled SpamAssassin and restart postfix but still the same issue i can not recive any email,
Thanks in advance for your efforts
attached files of postfix and dovecot status

Hello @ahmed1001 Happy you are here

Did you follow the steps as instructed here Install SpamAssassin and Stop Email Spam on CyberPanel! Post the contents of /etc/postfix/

Do your recipient emails go to SPAM folder ?

Run /sbin/service spamassassin stop see if your problem goes away then we can deduce its spamassassin

Hello @josephgodwinke Thank you so much for support and your great efforts
I already followed this topic and remove mail scanner and SpamAssassin but still same issue so i reinstall the OS again because still does not have data ,
I have other question please i know how to create backup but i need to know how can i create Email backup and restore also because i can not find any backup related to mail server backup
Thank you

Creating a backup this way 1 - Backup/Restore - Docs - CyberPanel Community and How to Setup Cloud Backups with CyberPanel Cloud - Docs - CyberPanel Community guarantees your mailboxes are backed up and a restore is possible

Thank you @josephgodwinke now if i created backup for website it will do backup also for mail server which is connected with the website ?
for example i have website and its child domain and create backup for website it will do backup also for child domain ?

If you create backup mail and all setting with go along within