Can recieve email from other people, can also send it but recipent never recieves the mail

I have installed cyber panel on a DIGITAL OCEAN droplet. I have setup email server. I am using cloudflare as my dns manager. I have added all the MX records and TXT records (i have turned proxy off for all of them). The problem is i can easily recieve mail when i send it from my gmail id to domain id. But when iam trying to send it from rainloop it send fine on the frontend. No errors shown or anything. But the recipent is not recieving it. The meail gets lost in between somwhere. The recipent is a gmail id. I have issued ssl for mailbox too. I dont know what is the problem. Can anybody help please?

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Many cloud providers are reluctant to support self-hosted mail servers because of their inherent challenges. Check with digital ocean support about opening your SMTP ports.

Test your email deliverability using and post the errors you see there