Can receive emails but cannot send

I can send an email to my email address, but I cannot send an email to someone else through my email address

Although I sent an e-mail to, it does not come.
I tried everything roaming the internet but I couldn’t solve it please help


I can’t upload photos because I’m a new user

@josephgodwinke any idea ?

Welcome @null000 Happy you are here

You can receive emails but cannot send.

Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/snappymail/?admin → Domains → click on your domain and post a screenshot of the SMTP/IMAP settings after clicking test

Post results here

green lights up after test

Check your DNS records you have DKIM, DMARC and SPF TXT records ? Did you setup rDNS PTR record

I also use hetzner, from there I made rdnsi to my own domain
also my mx records are correct I have 2 mx records as

I’m sorry I’m a bit secretive because I haven’t completed the site yet.

I think the problem is that my main domain is proxied, I thought it was enough to have only mail subdomain

I guess I can’t install my own webmail with the proxied feature turned on, right?

You have the same problem as me, I made a support ticket and am awaiting them to check.
Since all my settings on CloudFlare should be original.
I have a feeling that it has to be an update that caused this issue.

I can also get emails, but not send them to
I can send it to Gmail and other emails.

But DKIM is invalid and SMTP is invalid.
I checked my e-mail on this test page, and it says
“220 ESMTP Postfix” (Not SMTP)