Can not install wordpress after update cyberpanel

Can not install wordpress after update cyberpanel

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Happy New Year @ruwan

Do you have enough space on the disk ?

Thank you very much for replying to me and trying to help with my problem. I could solve the problem, but it is not the right way to do it. If you read everything, you should be able to come up with an idea and tell me what to do. This is the second time I had this issue. I’ll go over everything step by step. I’m using Hetzner Cloud Server, which has 160 GB of storage space. I have more than enough space. I host three small websites on my server.

Suddenly, I cannot login to my WordPress admin panel. The Login page redirects back to the login page after entering login credentials. (I believe my site visitors are unable to register for my sites as well, but I have not tested this.) The first time it happened, I assumed it was a hosting provider issue. I was fighting with the hosting provider…but this time I realized that this problem was with CyberPanel.

Then this is the second time I’ve had this issue. I don’t know how to handle this type of situation, so I used to delete the server and get a new one, install Cyberpanel again, install new WordPress, and backup my site. This time, I deleted the site and attempted to install a fresh WordPress installation. But it says WordPress cannot install because there is not enough space, which is not right…

Then I noticed a new update to Cyberpanel and updated it with help from the Cyberpanel Community post. Then I could successfully update the Cyber Panel. But still, I was facing the same problem… I wondered why it was the same, even after I updated the cyber panel. Why can’t I install WordPress because there isn’t enough space?

Then what I did was restart the server. Then I tried to install a new WordPress, and I could install WordPress and i backup my site again… Therefore, please advise me what to do in this kind of situation… Can I do This Without Deleting My Site? If it happens again, please advise me. It will be helpful to everyone who faces this situation.

Check .htaccess for possible conflicting rewrites also disable plugins maybe you have a login page plugin causing this

Post the package you bought from hostinger here

Also are you using wpmanager from cyberpanel or you just installed directly to public_html/documentroot

Check .htaccess for possible conflicting rewrites also disable plugins maybe you have a login page plugin causing this
I Renamed to disabled each plugin one by one… Didn’t help… Then I renamed the plugin folder To disable all the plugins but it didn’t help. Then I replaced .htaccess From the new WordPress. But also didn’t help

I have used hostinger but i am not happy with them… they have very very limited resources with manage hosting

I dont know about wpmanager… please kindly send me a link youtube tutorial you can recommend for me about wpmanager…

this you mean by “wpmanager”?