Can not connect SFTP via Filezilla or WinSCP

Hi, I’have a new VPS on hostinger. I can’t connect via SFTP. Writing to them they tell me that the SFTP connection data is the same as SSH. SSH connections (with private key) via Putty and FTP via Filezilla work correctly.

Last reply is: “In this case, as it is an external control panel, I suggest contacting their team directly, so they could look into it closer and provide a solution as to how to connect via SFTP correctly on the CyberPanel. Thank you for understanding”.

Can someone help me? Thank you

Sorry but what is the question here? Didn’t understood.

“SSH connections (with private key) via Putty”
Download WinSCP: WinSCP :: Official Site :: Download

Config your connection like:

Click advanced, ssh → authentication:

And done

password auth is enabled?


There are screenshot of error.

Is Cyber Panel to configure?

There can be several issues that may cause this:

  1. Check FTP ports are open, sometimes the passive ports aren’t open. Also check if the ports are been blocked by the Firewall, CSF (Server->Security-> Firewall)
  2. Check detailed dynamic logging for errors then come paste the errors you get when you retry
  3. Update server Pure-FTPD and download the latest version of the ftp client you are using on your machine

Did you manage to sort this issue out?
I have no problem connecting via SSH, but no luck with Transmit FTP or Chronosync, or SFTP (command line).

If I try to sftp it’ll prompt for passphrase for key, and then I just get;
Connection closed.
Connection closed

I’ve tried tweaking sshd_config options but to no avail.
Firewall port is open. Tried with both password and key. My local known_hosts file gets updated with remote key but the connection just doesn’t happen.

FWIW I’m also using a Hostinger VPS but I can’t see how that’d be a factor.

Anything I should try in sshd_config? Is it possibly a permissions issue (eg. it’s not putting me in the right folder)? Which log would have info (can’t see anything in secure or messages)?

I have successfully connected to SFTP via FileZilla. Here’s what I did.

Create FTP account
Login to your server via ssh.
Edit nano /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/
Find ftp.password = hash.hexdigest() replace hash.hexdigest() with password then save
Video: How to Configure FTP in CyberPanel With Complete Fix (Solved) - YouTube

Create SFTP
Go to Websites>List website>Manange>Set up SSH/SFTP
Video:Connect to Your Website Via SFTP - CyberPanel Tutorial - YouTube

Connect via FileZilla thru SFTP:

hi. this is only for one website. i wanna acces all my server files with sftp. do u have any solution about this?

if u are using Centos 7 check sshd.config file

“Subsystem sftp /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server” this line is important.
check your path.

on my case path is wrong.
orginal path is /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server this is wrong

correct path is /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server

now i can acces from filezilla.


CyberPanel doesn’t support CentOS 7 for new installs.

First, create an FTP account then create an SFTP account.