Can I use internal generated website users for ssh login


Question is: Can I login over SSH with the automaticaly generated accounts for websites?

Every website I start gets it´s own user and group in cyberpanel.

So can I set a password to this user and let people login over ssh with this credentials to the websites root?

I want to give access to websites root dir over SSH and not using FP Accounts

That poses severe risk. You should know the difference between SSH and FTP/SFTP. SSH will have access to many server operations which may impact your server. Providing SSH logins to general users are risky.

If you restrict the permissions level of ssh to block installation commands to the user and other security risks then you can. But this needs a good knowledge of linux administration in restricting what features/commands to the user ssh operations.

You are absolutely right. So I will use FTP/SFTP accounts.

After gave it a try I figured out following problem:

I can access the server by using FTP redentials using FTP.

But if I try to use same credentials for SFTP Connection it did not work.

Any hint how to solve it ?

(normal SSH connection works good. I changed the port from 22 to another port as recommended by firewall. I tried SFTP connection with this new set port. Connection can be establish, but the FTP credentials are not accepted.)

Cant really assume anything without knowing the errors you faced. Could you send the FTP logs to know the reason for the issues?

For understanding:

  1. Accounts I setup as FTP accounts are able to connect via FTP Port 21 and SFTP protocol Port 22 ?

  2. If I changed my SSH Port for security reason, the new SFTP port will be the same as my new SSH port?

SFTP connection with my FTP account to my new SSH Port leads to “wrong password” (not connection denied). In the FTP log is NOTHING about this