Can i install cyberpanel on aws ec2(amazon web service)

Can i install cyberpanel on aws ec2(amazon web service) if i can to do that, how spec requirement, and what the package for i use on aws account, ex:ubuntu18.04, or anything?

Sorry my english is bad.

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Requirments remains same on aws too, but for now we recommend centos for production enviroments.

HI on cyberpanel image on ec2 says Operating System : Linux/Unix, Ubuntu 18.04.1
are you still recommend centos ? shouldn’t just use the Image by aws

I recently installed cyberpanel with one click - ec2 marketplace, all correct, when uploading my first website in Cyberpanel is not visible on the internet. Is there a port that should be opened before in ec2 Console? or some configuration?
Could you comment what follows?

I would like to install on an ec2 instance T2 Medium Centos but can’t find any docs on how this can be done. I have found it in the marketplace and subscribed but there is no info on what to do next as far as I can see.
Does anyone know of a step by step guide to installing this? I already have the instance running so don’t want o create a new instance.
Thanks in advance.