[BUG] Centos7 - websites get suspended without user action

Hello, I’m using Cyberpanel over the VPS Hosting service I got from Hostinger. The operating system is CentOS. I just saw that all my websites on CyberPanel become Suspended on their own. I contacted Hostinger, but as they said, they said that there was no problem on their side and that they saw that the hardware limits were not reached. Then the websites went back to active mode by itself.

I don’t know if the problem is due to this, but I created a user for CyberPanel. This user was for the support team. I then marked this account as Suspended when they were done. It may be a coincidence, but when I activated this account, the websites became active after a while.

What could be causing my problem?

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strange is these own by admin?
which version you have on your server?

CyberPanel version 2.3