Bug after Snapshot deployed


I 've noticed that after a snapshot restore in another VPS server with different ip address, the Web panel still shows the ip that existed in previous Vps and I cannot change it even with cyberpanel upgrade.

What do we need to do in this situation?

if im not wrong
Snapshot is datacenter jurisdiction not cyberpanel

it it just like rollback just like what your server configuration when you click snapshot

different with restore backup

if you copy snapshot… then you should edit cyberpanel host… ( i dont remember where is it ) maybe @tmoore can help here ?

During the installation cyberpanel gets your public ipv4 by querying the cyberpanel website and then stores it at:

It will then use the info stored at the file instead of always trying to update the IP.
So that’s most likely what hapenned, during the snapshop everything was restored back, including that file.

And yes, indeed during the update (went to look just now), instead of it trying to fetch the new IP, it will use the existing one from the file as ilustrated bellow: