Broken Wordpress after restore

Hello !

I’ve run into a very strange problem, I’ve made a backup of a Wordpress website in case of a problem during a template modification.

Of course we had a problem during the update :slight_smile:

So I tried to restore the backup, got the “unable to restore child domain”, update cyberpanel and restore process says “ok”.

But, on the website it seems that something is missing, 90% of the website looks good only 2 blocks doesn’t have their original background.

I’ve tried to clear/disable the cache in both Wordpress/LiteSpeed Console, remove /usr/local/lsws/cachedata/ , switch PHP, all that didn’t work.

What is very strange is that I’ve a full backup of the server, when I run it in a test environnement the website looks good. But again, when I take the public_html folder and a database dump of the working “test” server it doesn’t work on the production one …

Is there a cache somewhere that I’m missing ?