Blacklisted Domain

I have a lot of problems with authentication fails with rainloop on my domain. I have tried everything to make it work but with no success. I am not so good with Linux and messed up several times server, so i needed to install several times fresh new installs of CyberPanel. Now when i try to add domain to create a website it returns me error: BLACKLISTED DOMAIN.
PLease help me, how to resolve this issue. My domain is, i love CyberPanel and i want to continue to use it for my server and website. Please answer me as soon as possible, because i am losing customers and now everything is messed up. I even cry right now, because i don’t know what to do, everything is down :frowning:

I just also got the same error??
Please fix this

I’m also facing same issue… Kindly solve urgently

Same issue here. I need to know how to whitelist my domain name.

Any help would be appreciated

Try this

I get the same error even after i did change the hostname. Actually the domain I am trying to setup was not the hostname even before.

Closing this topic as we already have a similar thread.