BKP problem create location sftp

Operation Failed!

usage: backupUtilities.py [-h] [–tempStoragePath TEMPSTORAGEPATH]
[–backupName BACKUPNAME] [–backupPath BACKUPPATH]
[–backupDomain BACKUPDOMAIN] [–metaPath METAPATH]
[–ipAddress IPADDRESS] [–password PASSWORD]
[–port PORT] [–user USER]
[–backupCancellationDomain BACKUPCANCELLATIONDOMAIN]
[–fileName FILENAME] [–backupFile BACKUPFILE]
[–dir DIR] [–data DATA] [–emails EMAILS]
[–databases DATABASES] [–path PATH] [–ip IP]
[–sourceDomain SOURCEDOMAIN]
[–destinationDomain DESTINATIONDOMAIN]
[–planName PLANNAME] [–externalApp EXTERNALAPP]
backupUtilities.py: error: argument --password: expected one argument

Please explain what you are trying to do?

Hi just create a new location for FTPS bkp

Just added one from :8090/backup/backupDestinations, where are you adding it from ?

from cyberpanel backend


and put all informations… in the end the response : ERROR

Still don’t understand what you are trying to say, please provide complete details otherwise I may have to close this thread.

I’m trying to create a new destination for the remote bkps.

When trying to add an sftp destination via the cyberpanel control panel using the following url: :8090/backup/backupDestinations

I fill in all the data in the form when I click on the add button and the error I reported appears.

May I know your commit/version ?

Are you supplying password?

Hi, yes i use the correct password and the last commit

Can you open a ticket with us, so we can check ?

How can I do this?

Nothing continue the same error

Link to support is available right on our site.