BEWARE OF UPDATES - or: how to update?

I did it. An system update of the cyberpanel as described in the docs.

Unfortunaly it destroys me a lot of my hard configured system.

e.g. I updated the comodo MODSecurity rulez pack as described here in the forum.

Now I see: Everything is gone. “Comodo” was removed from cyberpanel admin panel and all my configuration is gone. Instead the old and buggy OWASP rule pack ist left.And it´s deactivated after update.

Same with CSF settings.

The update seems to install a fresh system over my existing system and keeps no care about my settings.

Ok, the websites still exists.

But this way to “UPDATE” my system is not a way I can go in future again!
Is it better to use the standard way “apt dist-upgrade” ?

Any hints how I can make my next update to not loose a lot of my configs?

And the “best”: I have to find any changed thing by my own…

Comodo rules was removed intentionally.

But csf should be there? What OS are you on ?

Can you tell us what was the purpose for removing Comodo WAF?
It’s good to know why.

Anyway, on a server with CloudLinux, after Cyberpanel 2.1.2 update, the Comodo rules indeed disappeared, and OWASP is now activated but, looking on security logs, the previous Comodo rules are applied :)))
[file “/usr/local/lsws/conf/modsec/comodo/09_HTTP_HTTP.conf”] [line “16”] [id “210710”] [rev “5”] [msg "COMODO WAF: Request content type is not allowed by policy.
Something is messed up there…

Also on firewall/modSecRules/
SecRule ARGS “../” “t:normalisePathWin,id:99999,severity:4,msg:‘Drive Access’ ,log,auditlog,deny”,
Could not save rules, Error message: write() argument must be str, not list