Best practices for updating Ubuntu in CyberPanel - How often should I update?


I’m looking for advice on best practices for updating Ubuntu while using CyberPanel:

  1. How often should I perform updates? Is there a recommended schedule or should I update as new packages become available?
  2. Should I prioritize specific update types (security, kernel, packages, etc.) or update everything together?
  3. What precautions (backups, testing, etc.) should I take before updating to minimize potential issues or conflicts with CyberPanel?

Any insights or tips on managing updates in a CyberPanel environment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hello @Laurentfrom47

Use the version management on cyberpanel dashboard to know when next to upgrade. Or subscribe to repo notifications on GitHub to know when next an update is done on the stable version

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Check and update couple times month.
Always have snapshot of your server if something goes wrong.

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OK, how do you do the snapshot server ?


That you can do from VPS provider dash board if they offer snapshots. If they wont offer snapshots, it’s even more essential have all sites backed up on S3 or some where else but not on your own server.

Although you provide answers that are appreciated and valuable to the question I believe the question is not fully answered or at any rate I will add my question. When we update CyberPanel does it not update the operating system? Should I maintain the server (ubuntu 22.04.2 in my case) with apt or cyberpanel’s package manager tool. I have been working with cPanel for over 13 years and wondering how to maintain cyberpanel as it is quite automatic with cPanel.