Bandwidth not resetting on a website with unlimited use package

Hello, I am wondering if I did something wrong but I am using a VPS and I’ve installed Cybepanel few months ago. Everything is working as should but I’ve noticed that when I go to: Websites → List Websites and select my only website which I currently have Bandwidth Usage however this number is just continuously growing and not resetting each month. I am not sure if this is expected behavior and what will happen when the usage hits 100%. I have one package created and the Bandwidth is set to 0 as unlimited. Could someone please clarify this and if there is something I can do for the bandwidth to reset let’s say each month.

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I have the same question!

I also want to know that, because in my case it just goes up and up and doesn’t reset.
Another thing I don’t understand is why my package is only 1 Tera?
because I hired 4 Tera of bandwidth.

I have the same problem. @usmannasir @shoaibkk Please, help us