Backups vs Incremental Backups

Hello there,

I am new to CyberPanel and learning constantly and I am looking for some help and guidance. I am facing a bit of a misunderstanding of the backup terminology on Cyberpanel.

What is the difference between a Backups and Incremental Backups? Which one should I use to backup my websites if something wents wrong? I want to backup to a remote server/space and I want to do daily backups.

However I see that Incremental Backups have the option to restore from remote server but Backups do not.

I am missing something here?

Thank you very much in advance!

Normal CyberPanel backups can also be stored and recovered from remote servers. I would recommend you to setup an remote sftp server and go with them.

Thanks again for your response. I am sorry since I am really new to this control panel. I did setup a SFTP destination, how every when i try to restore, it only shows me the backups on /home/backup folder. As i dont have any backups on this folder its shows an empty option. How do I restore these remote backups on my SFTP?

Sry four double comment. Screenshot below

You can download files from your remote server and put them in /home/backup.

With incremental backups if you loose a complete access to your server you will loose your backups. With normal backups even if you loose server access you have backups stored remotely.

Thank You Usman. :slight_smile:


Not working to restore, getting this error
Error Message: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘text’. Not able to create Account, Databases and DNS Records, aborting. [575][5009]

Same version on both machines

Current Version

@CristianD that’s an separate issue, create a separate thread.