Backup V2 with various site don't work

We are currently encountering an issue with Backup V2, as we currently have three sites on our server.

When we schedule a backup with Backup V2. Only the last one configured works.

If I schedule one backup for each of the 3 sites every day, only the last one that is set up will launch correctly.

Anyone have this problem and solved it?

let me check

I’ve checked and both sites backing up, here the logs

root@dockert/usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ '30 Minutes'
'{"site": "", "schedules": [{"repo": "wpmautic", "retention": "3", "frequency": "30 Minutes", "websiteData": true, "websiteEmails": false, "websiteDatabases": true, "lastRun": ""}]}'
[03.20.2024_18-27-30] Refresh Token: 1//-[03.20.2024_18-27-30] [Create Backup start]
'{"site": "", "schedules": [{"repo": "v22wpmautic", "retention": "3", "frequency": "30 Minutes", "websiteData": true, "websiteEmails": false, "websiteDatabases": true, "lastRun": ""}]}'
[03.20.2024_18-29-18] Refresh Token: 1//-[03.20.2024_18-29-18] [Create Backup start]

Kindly share CyberPanel debug logs, here is how you can get logs :

Hi @usmannasir,

I just checked the error-log, and the only thing strange is the following:

[03.20.2024_11-23-39] Token Not upadate inside. Error: Non

Can you show me full logs, like after trying to manually run backups show me probably 100-150 lines.