Backup to new domain

I have an old website, BUNNIES.COM (example). I want to do a backup and then restore it on the new domain, RABBITS.COM (example). Is that possible with the backup, or does it only work for the current domain, BUNNIES.COM?

If it will work for the new domain, RABBITS.COM. Will it backup the original database with all the files from BUNNIES.COM?

If you back up and restore said backup, it will create the “” only.
For what you need I think you need to do it manually, at least I’m not finding an easy option at cyberpanel.

If they’re both on the same VPS then you can just move/copy public_html contents from “” to “”, using the “fix permissions” at “” file manager afterward.

They are on the same Hetzner Cloud account, but two different projects. I guess I could move domain to the same server but that would be no different than manually doing it since I need to transfer over the database also.

Yes, in that case, I think the only solution is a manual transfer, at least every time I uploaded a backup to /home/backups and restored at cyberpanel, it always reproduces the user, database, and such, with no real option to transfer to another domain.

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