Backup Retention not working

I am using Scheduled Backup on Remote Destination (sftp) with Retention set to 5. (backup/scheduleBackup interface).

But it’s not removing any old backup over the remote destination.

Note that I am using cyberpanel on the remote destination server.

@meramsey This was added by, did you made it work?

It should work if its an incremental one that uses restic from what I recall. I don’t know about normal remote backup retention offhand.

I found the one commit where retention is added but i think there was more.

Although looking now i feel like some code was lost or not merged now where it added the retention flags to the args to prune when it ran unless i missed somewhere when looking.

Basically if retention is there it should be running on daily cron when it does the backup popon these extra args with the retention values.

Any update on this?