Backup Restoration: Some work normally but most get 404 after restore

using cyberpanel for 3 years now. love it!

this started happening about 3 weeks ago. Just like many times in the past, I installed cyberpanel on a new dedicated server and copied the backups from the current server.
Normally, move everything to the /home/backup/ and restore - everything works fine.

since 3 weeks ago, the backups I moved over all give 404 error when restoring. I can see all the files in /home/ folders but they all wont run.

So I manually installed wordpress and restored thru wordpressbackups - not fun, 15 sites.

on that new server build, any NEW domain I setup and install, I can delete it and restore the backup and it works. but each one of those migrated sites if I delete and restore, they all 404 after restore is completed.

any idea where this bug is coming from?

no other errors anywhere on the server

apologies for the long read

Aborted, [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/usr/local/lsws/conf/vhosts/’.[365] [5009]

update: I deleted the domain ( one that when restored gives 404 error )
then I installed wordpress clean
then manually backedup and thats when this error comes up from :8090/backup/backupSite

is that the problem? ( if yes, how do I fix it? )

thank you

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These server hardware I am running is a FAST dedicated:
|Cores|Model Name|CPU Mhz|Cache Size|
|32|AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processo|2190.821|512 KB|

any ideas?
backup restoration always gives 404 error

There were some chances on GitHub on regarding backups but does are not at the stable version yet