Backup config cyberpanel

Hello, I know I’ve asked here before, but maybe I expressed myself incorrectly, I had talked about making full backup of the cyberpanel and MIGRATing to another VPS from another provider.

But this would not be easy and would have to do very complicated maneuvers, still having to deal with the possibility of accessing disk image on the other VPS.


and if instead of backing up full and migrating, is there a way to save only all the current settings of my cyberpanel?

If any moderator knows anything like this, I’ll be grateful to share.

I would like to somehow have the option of saving my current cyberpanel configuration, and if in the future I need to migrate from VPS, I won’t be forced to set everything up from scratch again. Do you have a solution for this?

I’ve done tests on saving the cp database, but it didn’t work out too well or I screwed up at some point. Or maybe it doesn’t work just by saving the DB.

Cyberpanel itself offers only website-level backup that is remote and local.
But if you want a full server backup then you can create snapshot from provider and restore that there is no other way to do from cyberpanel

Hi, thanks for replying. Yes, I’ve already tested the snapshot and image options, but this only allows me to restore within the provider. I’m testing and checking if I can somehow migrate to another, for example, take from a GCP vm and migrate to a digitalocean or others. But to no avail, as I’m studying Linux I’ll try to find an option, because we do it on machines of local servers or even datacenters, as we can not in vm / cloud. =)

At some point I will find on the internet some documentation on this. :slight_smile:

Imagine the situation where you have a VPS on an X hosting provider, also imagine that you have more than 20 websites set up there, you also left your cyberpanel shielded and completely configured without any missing dependency or incorrect settings (in short your cyberpanel is fully configured and running perfectly).

Now imagine, that for some reason, you no longer want to stay on provider X and you want to migrate everything to the provider Y. Ok, the websites you can migrate everything but what about your cyberpanel settings? Optimizations, security settings in the Linux layer and firewall, etc…

This is what I don’t think is right, and I’m seeing if I can get around this. Because if you need to migrate and you have to set everything up again, it’s pretty annoying and problems are expected for websites in production. :slight_smile: