Backblaze issue


I am using

for backup process. Before installing cyberpanel, it works fine, but when I install cyberpanel, I got permission issue.
Failed to execv() /tmp/staticx-HgnoAK/b2: Permission denied

Can you please help in it?

Welcome @perochak Hapy you are here

On your CyberPanel dashboard go to Websites → → File Manager → Fix Permissions

I think, its not related to a single website.
When I run command
backblaze authorize-account
it gives
Failed to execv() /tmp/staticx-FGMNDG/b2: Permission denied

Post screenshot please


RUn sudo chmod -t /tmp and try to authorize account again

/tmp folder has the sticky bit flag to prevent ordinary users from deleting or moving other users’ files.

still same


sudo chmod -t /tmp
sudo chmod 777 /tmp

and try to authorize account again

still same

sudo chmod -t /tmp
# this changed
sudo chmod -R 777 /tmp


# rerun from here
sudo chmod -t /tmp
# this changed
sudo chmod 0777 /tmp
ls -l | grep tmp
# post screenshot first do not run backblaze


I see its failing because it creates a folder inside /tmp therefore it means access to /tmp. Actually removing the sticky bit from /tmp is not advisable. Can you fork the repo and i can guide you where to change to make this work

No. This not what we are trying to diagnose. I believe this is what we are trying to make it work

I am using that library.
if you mean some other lib, than kindly let me know.

Then change your post. It is misleading

I just forked it so I can make changes as you suggest. Its same repo just forked to my account

Kindly recheck what you posted. One repo is a community contribution for backblaze backups (in your topic) now you are talking about an official python command-line tool for backblaze backups.

I can only help you with GitHub - Coma-Web-Development/backblaze-backup as discussed in all the screenshots you posted