It’ll be great if Awstats can be securely implemented into cyberpanel. I hope to see it in future :slight_smile:

I think you can try litespeed_wiki:config:awstats [LiteSpeed Wiki] never tried but should be ok.

Trying will let you guys know

Doesn’t work. Script installer isn’t available no more.
Best option is by using: apt install awstats and than configure according to

But this generates permission errors if you have placed the cgi-bin under your virtual host (multiple domain system). So i reckon awstats can also be installed under https://server-ip:7080 or https://server-ip:8090 as well but how to make the folder /cgi-bin/ secure and protected from public??
And any guidelines for installing it under cyberpanel’s panel at port 8090 and securing it would be highly appreciated.