AWS LightSail + Distribution (CloudFront)

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone has successfully set up CyberPanel on a LightSail instance with a CloudFront distribution, all within the LightSail management console?

I’ve been using CyberPanel on LightSail for a couple of years now, managing three WordPress websites. Recently, I’ve been looking to enhance content delivery speed to my users, especially since I’m planning to promote some of my websites. Initially, I considered migrating to EC2, but then discovered that LightSail offers CloudFront distribution.

Despite numerous attempts, I haven’t been able to make it work. I handle my domains through Route53, allowing me to create and manage redirects. However, I’m encountering issues such as the CDN domain pointing to a 404 error, subdomain redirects resulting in 403 errors, and the root domain displaying a 404 error as well. The setup in Route53 looks like this:

The CDN domain point to a 404.

The subdomain redirects, example: gets 403

The root domain gets 404

Route53 setup

I’ve searched extensively for a step-by-step guide or any supporting documentation on blogs or forums, but haven’t had any luck. Any insights or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Any help will be appreciated.