Auto import cPanel sites to CyberPanel failed to complete


cPanel importer not working.

step to reproduce:
1._ /scripts/pkgacct example (it from cpanel server)
2._ transfer cpmove-example.tar.gz from cpanel server to cyberpanel server by rsync
3._ create a folder in root folder with name michael and move cpmove-example.tar.gz to this
4._ run /usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ --path /michael

log /home/cyberpanel/7922
Extracting main cPanel archive file: /michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz
/michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz successfully extracted.
Creating main account from archive file: /michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz
Detected main domain for this file is:
Finding PHP version for
PHP version of is PHP 7.4.
Finding Server Admin email for
Server Admin email for is
Calling core to create
Websites matching query does not exist.
Successfully created from core.
Detecting SSL for examplecom.
SSL found for example, setting up.
SSL set up OK for
Restoring document root files for
Main site created from archive file: /michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz
Creating child domains from archive file: /michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz
Finding Addon/Subdomains from backup file /michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz. Account main domain was
Following Addon/Subdomains found for backup file /michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz. Account main domain was
Starting Addon/Subdomains creation from backup file /michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz. Account main domain was
We are going to create DNS records now, please note we will not create DKIM records. Make sure to create them from CyberPanel interface using our DKIM manager.
Creating DNS records for
Failed to create DNS records from file /michael/cpmove-example.tar.gz, error message: local variable ‘zone’ referenced before assignment.

can you please give some clues to solve this? thanks in advance.

best regards