Asking about Max performance for only 1 Web Application

Hello All
Thanks for this Great Community
i want to ask for how to maximum server performance for only 1 Web Application
i have 1 AWS EC2 T3 Mid
2 cores Cash 36000 and 4G Ram SSD 80 G
Cyperpanel installed with one click ubuntu 20
all i want to be sure how to make my Saas PHP CodeIgniter
using mariaDB internal
i see that only 25% of ram used so is that because my server is good more that online user
BTW my Saas Provide Chatbot Service webhooked to Facebook
1 last question last time i updated Cyperpanel then tryed to take manual backup server deleted Public_HTML Folder and i lose 2 days to get my system back again
now i scared to updated Server again with old backup before update is that was bug and fixed or i leave it on that state if it working fine current 2.1
thanks :slight_smile:

You can safely upgrade your cyberpanel setup. Such issues wont be there in new update. And always have a backup of your server.

thanks for your reply , any info about first question ?

Its all correct and no need to worry about.